First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church • 330 First Parish Rd, Scituate MA 02066
First Parish News June 2024
on June 5th, 2024
The end of the church calendar year in June is marked by Pride Month celebrations, notifications about General Assembly and UU summer camps, but also the continuation of governance, social justice, and fellowship. June 9th is Flower Communion and Annual Meeting. Happy summer!  Read More
First Parish News May 2024
on May 8th, 2024
Spring comes to First Parish, in the familiar form of Spring Fair preparations (planting! digging!) and the Annual Meeting— and in large part, planning for even bigger activities in June (Pride month, General Assembly, and the final services of the church year). Social Justice begins its Welcome Renewal activities this month; those and other parish activities detailed in the newsletter bring us together as a congregation and in the wider community.  Read More
First Parish News April 2024
on April 6th, 2024
April's theme is Grace. Rev Erin quotes Matthew Fox for this month's newsletter: “Community is another source of grace. In community we are meant to grace one another; to be sources of grace; healers by way of grace." Our community offers these sources, with information in the newsletter: the April 21 kickoff of our Welcoming Renewal program, that demonstrates 'our ongoing commitment to being welc...  Read More
First Parish News March 2024
on March 5th, 2024
March is bursting with sprintime energy at First Parish: another spirited, intergenerational Game night; the 15th Blue Boat Coffeehouse (the first since the pandemic); Canvass kickoff; a show of support for Trans Visibility Day; gearing up for the Spring Fair in May; the start of an 8-part anti-racism workshop; a member's book launch; the kickoff of UU Mass Action initiatives for both local social...  Read More
First Parish News Feb 2024
on February 6th, 2024
February for First Parish is a time for both reflection and for taking action. Our theme is Silence, for this cold winter month “when we share the silence of sacred space.”  The newsletter provides options for engaging in quiet learning about (or actively engaging with) social justice issues with the UUA Side with Love programming or with BLUU; about denominational policy as the GA approaches; or ...  Read More
First Parish News Jan 2024
on January 4th, 2024
The New Year brings a little peace back to First Parish after the busy-ness of the Snowflake Fair, and the children's pageant and the holiday services. We move into a time of introspection now, guided by Rev Erin, in keeping with our ministerial search process. Continuing social justice work and parish activities can be explored in the newsletter.  Read More
First Parish News Dec 2023
on December 1st, 2023
December at First Parish UU starts with the flurry of activity of the Snowflake Fair! Everyone's contributing their talent, time, and treasure to our annual fundraiser, which looks to be as polished and festive as ever — and as successful, we hope. Then the season of Advent ushers in a time of reflection. At this time, Rev. Erin is preparing the congregation for the work ahead in the new year. She says: : "The interim years are 'a time for looking back and for looking ahead, for uncovering who you have been and discovering who you want to become together.' An interim period is intentional time you have given yourselves so that you can do the best you can to ensure a solid foundation as you create your next chapter together." In the coming month, First Parish members will learn more of the specifics of what a two-year interim period is like, and what happens when. Sometime in January or February, there will be more small group conversations similar to the ones conducted last fall.  Read More
First Parish News Nov 2023
on November 6th, 2023
Over the last weeks, we have discussed ways the testimonies, memories, and wishes collected during Rev. Erin's intro conversations could be used as a basis for our church's future understanding and growth. In November, we continue this work even as the busy-ness of the holidays approach, and as we engage with Erin's worship theme for the month, Gratitude: "What are you most grateful for right now, and why? What does 'having enough' mean to you? What practices help you to express gratitude; for others, for life, for the earth, for the Sacred?"   Read More
First Parish News Oct 2023
on October 3rd, 2023
October finds First Parish setting its pace for the season ahead... We are creating connections between ourselves, and connections with our Interim Minister. We are making time for reflection on the questions posed by Rev Erin for this month about how we recognise and even cultivate reverence, awe, and humility. We are setting goals, rolling out our social justice initiatives, rallying help in meeting community needs, and fundraising so that we can continue to do all of the above (currently, with the help of Grandma's Can-Canners and a team of elves!).  Read More
First Parish News Sept 2023
on September 6th, 2023
This September brings unsettled weather, and the potential for an unsettled beginning to our first church year in a decade without our settled minister... but another potential beginning is apparent, as you'll see in this month's newsletter— the First Parish community is well into planning many ways to renew our connections and recall ourselves into covenant, beginning with opportunities for small...  Read More
First Parish News July/Aug 2023
on July 4th, 2023
Summers are quieter at First Parish, but there's still lots going on as we gather for relaxed lay-led services and plan ahead for fall activities. Our new Interim Minister, Rev. Erin Splaine, begins work August 1, committees continue their work, and we continue to gather as a community — the newsletter contains all the details! Click here to access the newsletter....  Read More
First Parish News June 2023
on June 5th, 2023
June's newsletter details several upcoming celebrations (parades, lobster rolls, inspiring speakers, ice cream!), which include our Pride-month activities, celebrating our Religious Education youth, and of course bidding farewell to Pam's family and her remarkable 10-year ministry at First Parish.  Read More





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