of Scituate, Massachusetts
First Parish
Unitarian Universalist Church
About U(U)s

We Are "Old Sloop"                 

We are a modern liberal religious tradition with two-century old roots in the Protestant Christian churches. We are a thriving multigenerational community based in a meetinghouse rich with Scituate history. We are the "Old Sloop" church!
Our church is located across from Gates School and the historic Cudworth House, and beside Lawson Tower. We have a playground and gardens, and we house the (unaffiliated) Erdman Preschool.

Our Vibrant Church

We are a diverse and multi-generational community. We are united in shared experience: our open and stirring worship services, religious education, and rites of passage; our work for social justice; our quest to include the marginalized; our expressions of love.

FPUU in the News!

09/8/17 Scituate Mariner: Music director brings harmony to Scituate congregation and beyond.
"This fall will be Dubuisson’s 12th year with the church. 'Beth brings so many gifts to our congregation beyond the obvious ones of musical talent and choral direction,' said Reverend Pamela Barz. 'She also brings her creativity, her deep kindness and care for individuals, her willingness to try new things, her ability to understand her music as part of the overall worship service, and her great sense of humor.'"

04/25/17 Mariner: Drive for Syrian refugees
"The First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church of Scituate held a stuffed animal drive to aid Kane’s efforts, which generated 20 large bags of the toys."

01/30/17 Scituate Mariner: Scituate congregation unites in show of support [for refugees and immigrants]
"Over the years our church bells have sounded to call us to worship and renewal every Sunday morning," Barz said in her Sunday morning sermon. "They have tolled the alarm in times of danger and pealed the joy of celebrations. Today we ring our bells to stand with refugees, to place ourselves publicly as upholding the values of justice, kindness, and hospitality."​

04/11/2014 Scituate Mariner: Local clergy address addiction crisis
"Rev. Pamela Barz: 'Society has deemed these problems shameful marks of failure. It takes courage to acknowledge that we, or our family members are living with them. It’s the same in our communities.'”

08/22/2013 Scituate Mariner: A first in church’s history
"Recently, the church has undergone another milestone—there is a female minister leading the congregation for the first time in the church’s history."
05/20/2013 Scituate Mariner: A Story of Scituate History
Rev. Richard Stower on the writing of his book A History of The First Parish Church of Scituate, Massachusetts: Its Life and Times: “One of the reasons I wanted to write the book was to raise the historical visibility of Scituate because it played an important part in the religious history of our nation. I believe that the democratic governance of the colonial congregations laid the groundwork for our civil democracy.  The controversies over the manner of baptism led to the growing diversity of theological perspectives leading to the religious freedom and pluralism that we enjoy today."

02/09/2012 Scituate Mariner: Solar Panels Installed on First Parish Roof
"First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church in Scituate has gone green. The church’s new solar panels, donated by long-time members Frank and Leslie Kilduff, seem to sit proudly on the roof of the church."

About Unitarian Universalism

Unitarian Universalism offers diverse and meaningful ways of connecting with the sacred. By welcoming the wisdom found in many scriptures, we are embodying a vision “beyond belief,” building an action-oriented community that bridges races, religions, and creeds.

Unitarian Universalist congregations affirm and promote seven Principles. We also share a “living tradition” of wisdom and spirituality, drawn from many sources. Unitarian Universalists hold the Principles as strong values and moral teachings—not dogma or doctrine.

All visitors are welcome in our congregations and you need not renounce your current beliefs to take part.

How We Govern

We are a self-governing, safe, welcoming congregation. This means Unitarian Universalist congregations govern themselves and determine their own affairs. We are guided by covenant and supported by the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Who Works Here?

Click here to meet our staff:
-- The esteemed Minister,
-- The steadfast Director of our youth program,
-- Our gifted Music Director, and
-- Our Administrator extraordinaire!