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First Parish
Unitarian Universalist Church

Join Us for a Service

Services are held on Sundays at 10:30 a.m. at 330 First Parish Road in Scituate MA. Everyone is welcome. The Rev. Pamela Barz is our minister. Join us—for reflection, music, and fellowship (and our thriving youth program)!
​Sunday, May 14   The Rev. Mr. Jeffrey Barz-Snell, guest preacher
Yes, the name looks familiar - Jeff is married to Pamela Barz's sister.  On this Mother's Day, they are exchanging pulpits, with Jeff coming to Scituate and Pam preaching at the First Church Unitarian in Salem, MA, where Jeff has served as the minister since 1998. In addition to an M.Div. from Boston University, Jeff holds a Masters in Public Policy from Tufts University, with a concentration in sustainability and renewable energy policy.  As a member of The Climate Reality Project, he is one of 4,000 people around the world who have been personally trained by Al Gore to give presentations on climate change.  Please welcome him to First Parish! The Choir will sing Ancient Love.
Sunday, May 21  To Be a Beacon
As we gather for the 383rd (!) Annual Meeting of First Parish, we will celebrate the light which shines out of this community and the warmth we share within it by holding our annual Flower Communion.  As part of the Flower Communion, you are invited to bring a flower for each member of your family (children and adults).  The flowers represent the gifts we each bring, no matter our age or abilities, to First Parish.  During the service we will bless the flowers and then receive a different flower in symbol of the gifts we receive from First Parish.  In between giving the flowers and receiving them, we will hold our annual meeting.  Children will join us for the beginning and end of the service, but will leave for an activity during middle of the service and for the meeting.   The Choir will sing Dansi na Kuimba.
Sunday, May 28   Peace Poppies
Since WWI, poppies have been a symbol of those killed in wartime.  On this Memorial Day we will remember all who gave their lives in war-time for the sake of peace, and also envision a world of peace.  If you would like a family member or friend who died in one of our nation’s wars to be remembered in the service, please give his/her name to Pamela Barz.  If you would like to make some simple paper poppies for this service, please let her know as well.  The choir will sing If Every Woman in the World

Upcoming Community Events at First Parish

Third Mondays
(7 - 8:30 pm) Free, open to all.
Want to learn about the Bible in a place where all questions, all faiths, and all perspectives are welcome? Each 6-session course in basic biblical literacy assumes no prior knowledge of the Bible and is not biased toward any particular Christian tradition.  The curriculum we'll use is in both Protestant and Catholic churches, and in groups that mix church folks, agnostics, and atheists.

Space is limited - please let Pamela Barz know if you would like to register for the series.  There is no fee, but participants are asked to purchase a copy of the student guide for Introducing the Old Testament, available at Amazon, and to bring that and a study Bible to each class.
  • Fall 2016:  Exploring the Bible:  What Is the Bible? (enrollment now closed)
    This first course offers a broad overview of the entire Bible, including chapters on how to select a Bible suitable for your needs, how the Bible is organized, how the collection of books that comprise the Bible were chosen, different ways that people approach the text, and what archaeology has to tell us about the text and its stories.
  • Spring 2017:  Introducing the Old Testament (upcoming classes March 20, April 17, May 22...)
    The second course focuses on the Old Testament in the context of the world in which it was written.  Learn about the march of empires across biblical lands, how ancient peoples thought about their world, and how the stories of the Bible distinguished the God of Israel from the gods of Israel's neighbors.
  • Fall 2017:  Introducing the New Testament
    The third course examines Jesus in three distinct ways: A man like other men, a Jewish rabbi, and the Christ of Christian faith. Then it's on to the cantankerous Paul, the other New Testament authors, and the wild and baffling book called Revelation.

Parish Notices

April is our church's month to support the Scituate Food Pantry with volunteer assistance and donations. We are called upon to provide one person on Tuesday each week of April, from 10:00am to 1:00 pm, and 6-8:00 pm the last Tuesday, April 25th.  The work is mainly dating donated goods and filling orders for clients.  There is some lifting and bending required. 
Donations: Let's build a wall of food across the alter, as we have in the past!
The food pantry always needs: Catsup, mayonnaise, jelly, juice, coffee, tea, cookies, crackers, cereal, sugar, canned fruit, pancake mix, pancake syrup, spaghetti sauce, and canned meats.

Please sign up on the sheet in the Sloop room at church, and/or contact Alan Donaldson.
Monday Night Meditation (2nd and 4th Mondays, 7-8:30 pm)
Practice listening to silence on the 2nd and 4th Monday nights, led by Brian Sutton. May sessions are on Mondays 5/08 and 5/22. 

All are welcome. Cushions are provided, or bring your own.
Thursday, May 23 at 7pm  (No April meeting)
Understanding the Issues of our Times

Explore issues of economics, color, and class in this new monthly reading and discussion group.
Please read Waking Up White and Finding Myself in the Story of Race by Debby Irving or watch her TED Talk.  Debby Irving wrote about the reason for her book, “I’m a white woman, raised in Winchester, Massachusetts during the socially turbulent 1960s and ‘70s. After a blissfully sheltered, upper-middle-class suburban childhood, I found myself simultaneously intrigued and horrified by the racial divide I observed in Boston. From 1984 to 2009 my work in urban neighborhoods and schools left me feeling helpless. Why did people live so differently along racial lines?  Why were student outcomes so divergent? Why did I get so jumpy when talking to a person of color? Where did the fear of saying something stupid or offensive come from, and why couldn’t I make it go away? The more I tried to understand racial dynamics, the more confused I became.”  This book chronicles the questions, interactions, conversations, and experiences which helped her understand herself as part of “the story of race.”  The book is available through the OCLN library system and on Amazon.
Socks for the Homeless
With the help of the Frey family, First Parish is distributing clean socks for homeless men and women on an ongoing basis to Haley House and Rosie's Place. Packages of new socks can be placed in the basket in the Sloop Room.
Baskets from Zimbabwe
First Parish member Jenn Mackey has connected us with the Zienzele Foundation. The organization supports women who are caring for AIDS orphans; their handmade baskets are sold in the US to provide funding for school for the children. The baskets range in size and shape and are priced from $10-$60. Jenn will show them upon request and at our church fairs.
Faith Formation / Religious Education

Download the Religious Education registration form: Click here.
We are currently registering for the Fall 2016 K-12 Religious Education program. Registration is rolling.

Learn all about our programs for kids and youth here.
Photo credits this page: Ali Crehan, John Phelan, NPC/CA

Our Church

First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church of Scituate MA is a vibrant, inclusive community of faith. We are a non-credal church stressing love, service, and religious freedom. Grounded in our Unitarian Universalist principles and purposes, we affirm the inherent worth and dignity of every person, and we support each individual's unique search for truth and meaning.

We welcome you, wherever you are in your search for deeper meaning, to join us in exploring “the big questions” and cultivating ways to live the answers amidst today’s modern challenges. Our congregation seeks ways to build community, guide our children, deepen spiritually, and to make a positive difference in the world. We celebrate the interconnectedness of all things. Join us for sermons, service, or celebrations!

Regular events in our parish life include book group discussions, meditation sessions, religious education classes, multigenerational social events, men's ministry, prayer shawl knitting, and social justice initiatives.