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Join Us for a Service

Services are held on Sundays at 10:30 a.m. at 330 First Parish Road in Scituate MA. Everyone is welcome. The Rev. Pamela Barz is our minister. Join us—for reflection, music, and fellowship (and our thriving youth program)!
Sunday, March 11  Listen: What’s the Story?
As Unitarian Universalists, we don’t look to the books of the Bible as our only source of wisdom and truth. Yet we read their stories in our services as long with poetry, koans, parables, and meditations from many ages and traditions. Why? What is “Scripture” for UUs? Pamela Barz preaching. The choir will sing The Ash Grove. ​

This is Girl Scout Sunday in the United States. Girls Scouts of all ages, present and past, are invited to wear their sashes this morning and are invite to take part in the service. 
Sunday March 18   Listen: Pay Attention 
“Absolutely unmixed attention is prayer,” wrote the French philosopher Simone Weil. The concept of prayer can be problematic for many of us since we don’t believe in a Being who gives us what we ask for. What difference might understanding prayer as “paying attention” make? Pamela Barz preaching. 
Palm Sunday, March 25    Listen to What Breaks Your Heart
On Palm Sunday we remember Jesus and the multitude of other prophets and reformers whose hearts were broken by the sufferings they saw and who then acted to relieve that suffering. What is breaking our hearts open? What relief might we offer? Pamela Barz preaching.
The choir will sing Life Calls Us On
Easter Sunday, April 1     

6:35 am   Ecumenical Sunrise Service at the Lighthouse
Join Pamela Barz and other members of the Scituate clergy and community for this annual Easter dawn celebration.  If you would be interested in helping to lead singing that morning, please let Pam know.  

(Regular 10:30 am service)   A Crazy Risk
Easter is a celebration of the power of life over death. But having the courage to trust that new life will emerge often requires us to be out of sync with the world – to be regarded as fools. Like Jesus and Martin Luther King, Jr. murdered fifty years ago on April 4, 1968, how can we have the courage to be fools for new life. Pamela Barz preaching.

Children will receive Easter flowers at the end of the service and then will be invited to join in an Easter egg hunt.

Upcoming Community Events at First Parish

Sundays, March 25 and April 29 
3:00 - 4:30 pm
Scituate Public Library's Book Group Room

First Parish's new monthly knitting and fiber arts mini-retreat.: A time of reflection, silence, conversation, and the practice of your craft with others.

Because even super heroes need to take a break!
Third Mondays
(7 - 8:30 pm) Free, open to all.
Want to learn about the Bible in a place where all questions, all faiths, and all perspectives are welcome? Each 6-session course in basic biblical literacy assumes no prior knowledge of the Bible and is not biased toward any particular Christian tradition.  The curriculum we'll use is in both Protestant and Catholic churches, and in groups that mix church folks, agnostics, and atheists.

Space is limited - please let Pamela Barz know if you would like to register for the series.  There is no fee, but participants are asked to purchase a copy of the student guide for Introducing the Old Testament, available at Amazon, and to bring that and a study Bible to each class.
  • Fall/Winter 2017-18:  Introducing the New Testament
    This is the third session in the series (runs Oct - March). Participants have learned a lot and laughed a lot as they talked about the history, archeology, theology, and world views of the people who wrote and read these ancient scriptures. For this final session, we will explore the figure of Jesus in three distinct ways: A man like other men, a Jewish rabbi, and the Christ of Christian faith. Then it's on to the cantankerous Paul, the other New Testament authors, and the wild and baffling book called Revelation. Learn what Nazareth was like in the first century, see what scholars know and don't know about Jesus as a historical figure, and decide for yourself whether Paul deserves either the stature or the censure that he so often receives. And who is the Antichrist anyway?
         Previous sessions in the series included "What Is the Bible?" (Fall 2016) and "Introducing the Old Testament" (Spring 2017)
Community Book Discussion

Tuesday, March 20 at 6:30 - 8 pm (Scituate Public Library)

Open to all. Please join us to discuss the book, how to be an ally in the fight against institutional racism, and how this relates to our local and global communities.

For the March discussion, we decided to maintain our focus on African American authors, but to see the topic as "Race and ----."  The book selected is Tar Baby, written in 1981 by Toni Morrison, offers themes of feminism and class as well as race. 

Previous community discussions in this series have been lively and thought-provoking. We looked at issues of poverty, privilege and power through Passing by Nella Larsen, Jesmyn Ward's Salvage the Bones and The Men We Reaped, Sherman Alexie's The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven, John Howard Griffin's Black Like Me, and James Baldwin's Going to Meet the Man.
In A New Year, Take a New Look at Your Life
Wednesdays Jan 17 and 31, Feb 7, 14, and 28 (12:30 - 2pm)

This class uses writing and drawing exercises to look at your life as a spiritual journey. Taking the class broadens your understanding of what it means to be spiritual, and how spirituality has been integral to your journey in ways you might not have expected; it also provides life-long connections and friendships with your classmates. It is especially helpful at life turning-points, but is valuable at any point. Taught by Pamela Barz. If you are interested in signing up or in learning more, please contact Pam (pamela.merrill.barz@gmail.com).  Registration deadline January 14 -- No fee -- Adults only.

Parish Notices


Registration is rolling. Registration form is here.
Learn ALL about our programs for kids and youth here!
(2nd and 4th Mondays, 7:00 - 8:30 pm) Led by Brian Sutton

Would you like to incorporate meditation into your spiritual practice? 
Would you like to learn how to meditate? 
Would you like to add the energy of others to your already existing practice?

All are welcome. Cushions are provided, or bring your own.
Socks for the Homeless
With the help of the Frey family, First Parish is distributing clean socks for homeless men and women on an ongoing basis to Haley House and Rosie's Place. Packages of new socks can be placed in the basket in the Sloop Room.
Baskets from Zimbabwe
First Parish member Jenn Mackey has connected us with the Zienzele Foundation. The organization supports women who are caring for AIDS orphans; their handmade baskets are sold in the US to provide funding for school for the children. The baskets range in size and shape and are priced from $10-$60. Jenn will show them upon request and at our church fairs.
Photo credits this page: Ali Crehan, John Phelan, NPC/CA

Our Vision

WE ASPIRE TO BE a beacon of liberal faith, strong community, and transformative service, rooted in love.

First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church of Scituate MA is a vibrant, inclusive community of faith. We are a non-credal church stressing love, service, and religious freedom. Grounded in our Unitarian Universalist principles and purposes, we affirm the inherent worth and dignity of every person, and we support each individual's unique search for truth and meaning.

We welcome you, wherever you are in your search for deeper meaning, to join us in exploring “the big questions” and cultivating ways to live the answers amidst today’s modern challenges. Our congregation seeks ways to build community, guide our children, deepen spiritually, and to make a positive difference in the world. We celebrate the interconnectedness of all things. Join us for sermons, service, or celebrations!
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