of Scituate, Massachusetts
First Parish
Unitarian Universalist Church


Regular services for adults and children are Sunday morning, but they can often be anything but "regular!" Needs for ritual and reflection are balanced with the need for responsiveness. Our services incorporate UU traditions as well as explore different means of spiritual expression.

About UUism

Unitarian Universalism offers diverse and meaningful ways of connecting with the sacred. By welcoming the wisdom found in many scriptures, we are embodying a vision “beyond belief,” building an action-oriented community that bridges races, religions, and creeds. All visitors are welcome in our congregations and you need not renounce your current beliefs to take part.


Reverend Pamela Barz guides and challenges the spiritual focus of our congregation in partnership with us. She provides pastoral care, and represents UUism in the greater community. Get to know us, and her, by reading her sermons.

Faith Formation

Our Religious Education program strives to bring the love and grace of Unitarian Universalism to families' lives. It provides curriculum, community, covenant, and a call to service. Ours is a cooperative program that draws together the entire congregation to build community.


Music is a Ministry!

Ours is a church for music lovers! Elements that comprise our service are sewn together with the musical thread of diverse choir pieces, hymns, and Beth's skilled hands at the piano and organ. Adults and kids often share their talents, and special guests perform at our concert series.  

Weddings & Memorials

Our setting and gardens are beautiful, and our services are intentionally diverse in theology and tradition.

All are welcome to celebrate here.