of Scituate, Massachusetts
First Parish
Unitarian Universalist Church
by Pamela M. Barz on March 18th, 2018

"Pay attention.  When you listen deeply to someone, so deeply that you feel what they are feeling, so deeply that you are not thinking about what you will say next but only holding them in your love, you are praying.  When you feel grateful for a kindness offered to you or for a luxury or privilege you enjoy, you are praying.  When you regret something hurtful you said or did – or something helpful you might have said or done but didn’t, you are praying.  When you are walking on the beach and stop to marvel at the power of the waves or the intricate whorls of a shell, or at the process which ground rocks to sand, you are praying.    You are paying attention to Life with a capital “L”.  Read the whole sermon here:

by Pamela M. Barz on March 11th, 2018

"Revelation is not sealed."   That insight today lies at the core of our good news:  each of us must cultivate that inner voice, that communion with sheer silence, that relationship with God – whatever word you use.  The name doesn’t matter.  What matters is that truth not be limited or shut off because we didn’t hear it, didn’t understand it, or didn’t communicate it.  Truth speaks through us.  Read the whole sermon here:

by First Parish on March 1st, 2018

Read about the Blue Boat Coffeehouse, Stewardship, the Community Book discussion, the Unity dinner, and the new knitting/fiber arts group:  http://conta.cc/2t6S08j

by First Parish on February 11th, 2018

"I rejoice in giving to this church because this church is doing things I rejoice in!"  For our annual Stewardship Sunday, Ann Svensen and Alma Morrison reflected on why and how they rejoice in First Parish.  Read their sermon here:

by Pamela M. Barz on February 4th, 2018

"Worship draws us out of ourselves to engage with the holiness at the heart of creation; it invites the marchers into meditation and draws the mystics into engagement; it engages the orderly in the messiness of relationship and the dancers into the patterns of the year. "  Read the whole sermon here:

by First Parish on February 1st, 2018

Read about our new worship series "Listening to your Life," the Blue Boat Coffeehouse, the knitting retreat, and all our other services, programs, and events this month here:

by Pamela M. Barz on January 14th, 2018

"With Scituate being 96% white, the statistics I’m about to talk about may feel foreign to you.  Though experiences like Joy’s may bring them closer to home.  But until we understand these statistics are our statistics, until we understand the people behind the statistics as our people, nothing will change.  This may not be your life but it must be our concern if we are to make real that world where all are valued regardless of the color of their skin."  Read the full sermon here:

by First Parish on January 10th, 2018

Read about January worship services, the Potluck Supper & Game Night, what's happening in religious education for adults, youth, and children, and much more here:

by Pamela M. Barz on January 7th, 2018

Once upon a time, long, long ago, not in a galaxy far far away, but in this one, in this world, some scholars say in Iran, some in Turkey, there were Zoroastrian priests studying the skies for wisdom. .... Continue reading:

by Pamela M. Barz on December 3rd, 2017

Seventy five years ago last Sunday, the movie Casablanca opened.  November 26, 1942.... In a week when we’ve had North Korean missile tests bring the threat of war closer to our shores than it’s been since those days of World War II, the President retweeting videos purporting to show Muslim violence, the passing of the Republican tax bill with its topsy turvy values, and the firing for sexual harassment of Matt Lauer and Garrison Keillor, two men who came into our homes on weekday mornings and Saturday evenings, what hope for peace does Casablanca offer us today?  Read the whole sermon here:

by First Parish on November 29th, 2017

by Pamela M. Barz on November 26th, 2017

Birds are everywhere at Christmas when you start to look for them. ... Read the whole sermon here:

by Pamela M. Barz on November 19th, 2017

What would it mean for your Thanksgiving table if this year you gave thanks for risks, for risks you have taken and for those you are still gathering the courage to attempt?  How might you look differently at your life and what you have cause to be thankful for? .... Read the entire sermon here:

by Pamela M. Barz on November 5th, 2017

On All Souls Day we remember the love which connects us, living and dead.  Read the whole service here: 

by First Parish on November 2nd, 2017

by Pamela M. Barz on October 29th, 2017

"Halloween invites us to embody and engage our fear of death and that’s why we celebrate it here in church every year on the Sunday before All Souls Day:  The Universalist All Souls Day assures us that those we love who have died are still part of the love which holds us all, whatever each of us may believe about what happens after death.  The pagan Halloween reminds us that though we too must cross that line, we can safely inhabit the fear."  Read the entire sermon here:

by Pamela M. Barz on October 22nd, 2017

"So much of what we believe and embody today comes from Martin Luther – that each of us has our own relationship with the divine and it is up to each of us to cultivate that relationship, that we can help one another in that process but that no one can speak as divine authority for another; that there is a grace or love at the heart of all life which we do not need to earn or to merit, but available to every person and that our call is to show our thanks for this gift by
helping others, that each person is equal before God and should be so before humanity as well, and that doing and understanding theology is the work of all people, not just the learned."  Read the whole sermon marking the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation here:

by Pamela M. Barz on October 15th, 2017

Why do bad things happen?  Why do good things happen?  Why do we suffer?  Why do we benefit?  Is someone in charge?  Is there a plan?  Human beings have pondered these questions for thousands of years without settling on an answer.  When something good happens do you attribute it to an outside force which chose you?  Or is it just the luck of the draw?  Does everything happen for a reason?  Or do events come to us at random?  Read the whole sermon here:

by First Parish on October 5th, 2017

Read about Sunday services, our Halloween Silent Movie, volunteering at Cradles to Crayons, new New Testament class, Unity Dinner and many more happenings in our latest newsletter:  http://conta.cc/2z01b9t

by Pamela M. Barz on October 1st, 2017

Four generations coming home at the end of a day of subsistence farming, moving boulders, bringing in dirt, building up soil, planting trees to hold it there against the washes of rainstorms, cultivating vines, and finally harvesting the fruit. Four generations. The generation who began that work would never even see the vines, much less taste the wine, and yet they had the vision to take on this grueling work to feed great-granddaughters and great-grandsons they would never know. (Read the whole sermon here:)

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